With a career that began by learning high tech product development best-practices from industry leading companies to accelerating the application of that experience in early stage companies, I earned 3 nationally recognized product of the year awards and developed 11 patents. Initially advancing through the ranks as an engineer with a master's in EE, I transition to the product management before entering early stage companies. From 2000 to 2007, starting in an early stage entity that was purchased by Coppercom, I guided two products (Switchmaxx and Voicemaxx) to two product of the year honors from Internet Telephony magazine. Returning to a fortune 500 company in 1998, as a senior project manager of AGCO's global telemetry initiative for agricultural machines, I earned American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Outstanding Innovations award and authored 11 patents. Currently developing next generation storage solutions for NetApp. By applying industry best practices, to software architecture, development, and project management, I have successfully delivered products in consumer electronics, telecommunications, and agriculture.


Professional Background

As an innovative and hands-on technical leader equipped with more than 21 years of success bringing new telecommunications, Internet, wireless, agricutural products to market as well as driving highly reliable projects through completion. I offer significant expertise directing global teams to identify and mitigate risk, resolve scope and scheduled misalignments, and deliver enterprise project outcomes to the complete satisfaction of stakeholders. Possessing strong business acumen, I support company strategies by comprehending and shaping technology investments. I also provide in-depth knowledge of business theory, process development, governance procedures, management, and budgeting. Additionally, I am adept at supporting corporate strategies and quickly recognizing market indicators to capitalize on multimillion-dollar business opportunities, especially within emerging industries. Commanding an in-depth understanding of all phases of product lifecycle management, local and global program direction, vendor selection, scheduling, and quality assurance testing, I am a confident communicator known for leading teams to turn around costly projects and deliver results on time and under budget. Granted the opportunity to showcase my broad project management skills and technical knowledge, I am confident I would be a valuable asset to your team. Throughout my career, I have held such positions as Senior Project Manager, Director of Product Management, and Vice President of Product Management. A few accomplishments from these roles include having:

  • Led the customer adoption of the industry's 1st global telemetry machine-to-machine fleet management on an agricultural service delivery platform (AGCO, Inc.).
  • Designed and deployed the IT infrastructure for a global service delivery platform, defining critical application requirements as well as the SOA + 3G GSM application development environment.
  • Reduced the price per unit 50% to generate $5M in savings over the next 3 years by strategically driving the RFP vendor selection process while fostering a competitive environment with an existing vendor.
  • Prevented an estimated $600K market loss by eliminating a 6-month scheduling delay for a vendor's distribution development centers. Positioned the company to capture significant business opportunities within an emerging $5B interactive technologies market through the development of a broad-level product strategy (Coppercom, Inc.).
  • Leveraged open-source technologies to bring a new unified communications application server product to market within just 12 months.
For a more detailed presentation of my prefessional experience see my resume.

Public Information